Hop David

Hollister (or Hop) David. Hob creates Escher like tessellations and uses them in paintings and drawings. On his site you find more geometric and mathematical art.

Website :  http://www.tabletoptelephone.com/~hopspage/HopsTiles.html
country :  United States of America

  Angels and Devils

  Animated Harmonic Perspective

  Three Arrows

  Six Circles

  Six Squares

  Octagon one

  Snowflake 1

  Snowflake 2

  Star of David

  Cat and Bird

  Democrats and Republicans

  Dog and Bug


  Fathauer fractal V-tile


  Flying Pigs


  Horned Chango

  Horned Toad



  Koch anti-Koch snowflake

  Koch Snowflake



  Monkey Dog

  Monkey Dog black & white






  Twisted Sqaures

  Woman lying down