Patrick Snels

On my website you'll find escher-like tessellations, tilable perspectives and much more. I am interested in geometry and mathematics in nature and in art. I noticed like many other artists that creating tessellations is complex but fun and rewarding (for yourself) to do.

My interest in tessellations started with the work of M.C. Escher, but really started to grow when I saw the work of many other artists on the internet. The people doing tessellations list of Andrew Crompton, inspired me to start a database with tessellations.

Website :
country :  Netherlands

  Seahorses 2000  

  Space Grid 2001  

  Tesselated World 2001  

  Hobbes the Cat 2001  

  Swimming 2002  

  myself 2001  

  Men Quad 2000  

  Animated Reptile 2002  

  Kneeling Men 2000  

  Embracing Men 2000  

  Duo Sylvia 2001  

  Tri Sylvia 2000  

  Cars 2007