Artlandia for Tessellations
Artlandia - 2007

A tutorial on making tessellations with Artlandia SymmetryWorks.

Merlot - Multimedia Educational Resource
- 2007

Multimedia Educational Resource for learning and Online Teaching

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Tessellation Links
Suzanne Alejandre - 2004

Tessellations are fun for elementary, middle school and high school students, and they also have practical applications. The sites listed on this page provide more insight into the topic for the following levels: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Ad

Tessellation Tutorials
Suzanne Alejandre - 2004

Overview of several tessellation tutorials

Robert Fathauer - 2004

Tessellations offers educational products to teachers and others across the globe. Our goal is to provide unique items of the highest quality. Extensive instructions are always included, along with lesson material where appropriate.

Crompton Tessellations
Crompton, Andrew - 2004

Here you will find also Grotesque geometry, The 17 Wallpapergroups, "People doing tessellations" (everybody on the planet drawing them to a decent standard)

Tilings from Historical Sources
Steve Edwards - 2004

The images in this first group are taken from the CD-Rom edition of The Grammar of Ornament, originally published in 1856 by Owen Jones (1808-74). Jones was a Welsh architect who at the age of twenty-three went on a tour of Turkey, Egypt, Sicily, and Spa

Create a translation tessellation
Jim McNeill - 2000

Jim McNeill has created an interactive "how to" website for creating tessellations.

Plane Patterns - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts
? - 2000

To expand search, see Symmetry. Laterally related topics: Frieze Patterns, Bichromatic Strip Patterns, Five Fold Symmetry, Penrose Tilings, Pattern, The Regular Solids, Double Frieze Patterns, Two Sided Frieze Patterns, Rotational Symmetry Groups (Rosette

Tessellating Alphabet
Scott Kim - 1986

SYMMETRY. Each letter fits together with copies of itself to tile the plane. Click a letter to see how it tiles. Some letters tile in more than one way. INSPIRATION. Created as part my computer game Letterforms & Illusion. STORY. I have long admired