Tessellation Books
Robert Fathauer - 2015

These books are all written by Tessellations founder Robert Fathauer and published by Tessellations.


Promenade au jardin d'Escher
Alain Nicolas - 2006

Among the disciplines that come from a mixture of Mathematics and Art, figurative tiling is the most fascinating of all, as there is something magical in seeing complex identical forms assemble without leaving any gap in between them into infinity. This p

Tessellations : The History and Making of Symmetrical Design
Stephens, Pam; McNeill, Jim - 2001

Take a journey through the history of tessellations and learn step-by-step how to create translations, rotations, and reflections. Written with students and teachers in mind, this picture book provides clearly illustrated demonstations that can be used fo

Plane Patterns - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts
? - 2000

To expand search, see Symmetry. Laterally related topics: Frieze Patterns, Bichromatic Strip Patterns, Five Fold Symmetry, Penrose Tilings, Pattern, The Regular Solids, Double Frieze Patterns, Two Sided Frieze Patterns, Rotational Symmetry Groups (Rosette

Designing Tessellations : The Secrets of Interlocking Patter
Beyers, Jinny - 1999

Designing Tessellations opens the door for quilters to thousands of new and exciting patterns by showing them how to create tessellations--designs made up of the repeated use of seemingly complex but deceptively simple shapes that interlock perfectly to f

Introduction to Tessellations
Seymour, Dale ; Britton, Jill - 1986

This clear introduction to tessellations and other intriguing geometric designs help students explore polygons, regular polygons and combinations of regular polygons, Escher-type tessellations, Islamic art designs, and tessellating letters. Step-by-step d

Mosaic and Tessellated Patterns: How to Create Them
Wilson,John - 1983

With 32 Plates to Color (Dover Pictorial Archives) An expert "op art" designer explains what tessellated patterns are and how they are formed, relates the history of tessellated designs from their beginnings in Rome and shows how to create your own dazzli

Ros, Fred.; Albarn, Keith.; Hutt, Antony; Howse, Joseph - 1973

(Dutch) Philosophical, mathematical and geometrical views on the ancient Arabic and Islamic art. published by: Museum voor land- en volkenkunde rotterdam