Alain Nicolas

Alain Nicolas wrote the book: "FIGURATIVE TILING" (Also named figurative tessellation), for more information you should take a look on

Alain Nicolas is retired and tries to benefit from it by revealing the marvellous worlds which one can give birth on a simple sheet of paper when one is inspired by the laws which govern our universe.

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country :  France

  Escher 1993  

  Rubik 1995  

  Indian 1994  

  Travis 1991  

  Mom fish and her 3 babies 2003  

  Nicolas 1990  

  Unduline the Siren 2013  

  Rockin' and boppin' 2014  

  Painter of Infinity" 2014  

  Nini the Goat 2013  

  Scalare (Angel fish) 2014  

  Don't shoot me 2013  

  Dinosaur 2014  

  Climbing 2015  

  Clap Your Hands 2014  

  Catís Dream 2015